List or table: Bodl. MS heb. c 28/24

List or table Bodl. MS heb. c 28/24



Two lists of partly identical persons, the first without, the second with sums, ranging from 1 through 11 dirhams and 1/4 dinar. The first list comprises fourty persons, of these some scholars, others foreigners or persons in inferior positions, such as employees or gatekeepers. These lists were probably prepared for the capitation tax, the second list indicating perhaps the sums still due, to be paid by the community if the persons concerned were unable to pay. (Information from Goitein notes and index card linked below and Goitein, MedSoc, Vol. 2, p. 454, no. 54.)

Bodl. MS heb. c 28/24 24 recto

24 recto



Bodl. MS heb. c 28/24 24 verso

24 verso
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