Legal document: Bodl. MS heb. b 13/42

Legal document Bodl. MS heb. b 13/42



Court record. In Hebrew. Fragment (left half only). Location: Fustat. Dated: 21 Tevet 1[3]27 Seleucid, which is 1016 CE. In the time of Efrayim b. Shemarya (who might be called al-Ghazzī here). Relates the events of a rainy and muddy day in the marketplace of Qaṣr al-Shamʿ, when a merchant named ʿImrān b. Eliyya from Palermo, Sicily, complained to the police ("in the בי דואר that is called שרטה in the language of the Ishmaelites") that he had already waited a full month for a Jewish court to deal with his case, whereupon the head of the police apprehended the Jewish judge for a night. Witnesses: Yehuda b. Ḥadīd(?); [...] ha-Kohen b. Avraham; Shemuel ha-Kohen b. Ṭalyūn (aka Avṭalyon); and Yosef b. Binyamin. (Information in part from Goitein, Med Soc II, 321–22).

Bodl. MS heb. b 13/42 42 recto

42 recto



Bodl. MS heb. b 13/42 42 verso

42 verso
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