Legal document: Bodl. MS heb. b 13/39

Legal document Bodl. MS heb. b 13/39


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Deed of sale of a muwallad (born in the home) male slave named Fayrūz. In the hand of Mevorakh b. Natan. Dated: Middle decade of Kislev 1487 Seleucid, which is 1175/76 CE. In which the physician al-Shaykh al-Muhadhdhab Abū l-Faḍāʾil Yequtiel b. Moshe ha-Sar ha-Nikhbad ha-Sofer ha-Mahir Paqid ha-Soḥarim (ZL) sells his slave (waṣīf) Fayrūz for 12 dinars to his maternal uncle al-Shaykh al-Thiqa Abū l-Barakāt Yehuda b. Elʿazar (ZL). (One incidental detail is that this transaction was witnessed in the house of the seller, who was sick.) Witnesses: Yeshuʿa b. Ḥotam ha-Levi; Moshe b. Avraham ha-Levi. On verso there is a filing note in Arabic script (ʿuhdat Fayrūz). (Information in part from Goitein’s index card.) ASE

Bodl. MS heb. b 13/39 39 recto

39 recto


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