State document: BL OR 5561A.2

State document BL OR 5561A.2

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State document. Dating: Refers to payments for the year 415 kharājī; 415 AH is 1024/25 CE, so 415 kharājī is 1024/25 CE plus or minus a year or two. Refers to a dignitary called "amīr al-umarāʾ tāj al-dawla wa-sharaf al-milla al-muʾayyad dhī l-[maʿāl?]ī"; a man called Abū l-Ḥarīrī or Jazīrī ; and to another dignitary called ʿAmīd al-Dawla (together with aṣḥāb dīwān al-[...]). Refers to a government office called Dīwān al-Aṣl. Needs further examination. On verso there is a draft of a Hebrew elegy for a deceased woman. ASE