Letter: BL OR 5549.5

Letter BL OR 5549.5



Letter fragment. In the hand of Abū Zikrī Kohen (according to Goitein's notes). Mentions Sayyidnā, al-Shaykh Maḍmūn, Ismāʿīl al-Majjānī; the kārim fleet (which travelled between Egypt and India); a letter from the sender's in-law Maḥrūz in Sawākin about 3,000 loads. A complete list of the Jews who left with the kārim is Maḥrūz [b. Yaʿaqov], Zikrī b. Sar Shalom, Ibn al-Dabbāgh; al-Maḥallī; Ibn Junūn(?); Nahray; and Ibn al-Baqqāl.