Legal document: BL OR 5536.2

Legal document BL OR 5536.2


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Contract of betrothal dated the 27th of Nisan, 1157 CE (1468 Seleucid), from Fustat, under the reshut of Shemuel ha-Nagid. The contract is between Abu l-Wafa b. Abu l-'Ala and Sitt al-Thana bt. Yosef the cantor. It contains, in addition to the usual conditions (not to marry a second wife, etc.) the stipulation that the wife's earnings would belong to her. The mohar (dower) is fixed at a muqdam of 10 dinars and a me'uhar of 30 dinars. Signed by Se'adyah b. Avraham and Elazar ha-Kohen b. 'Atiyyah ha-Kohen. Information from Goitein's note card.