Legal document: BL OR 5524.5

Legal document BL OR 5524.5


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Geṭ (bill of divorce). Location: Fustat. Dated: Thursday, 20 Av 1473 Seleucid = 2 August 1162 CE. Husband: Thābit b. Abū l-Faraj. Wife: Sitt al-Nās bt. Abū l-Ḥusayn. Written and signed by Mevorakh b. Natan he-Ḥaver (who repeated the date -- חדש אב אתעג -- in tiny letters around his name). Also signed by Yaʿaqov b. Yosef ha-Kohen. Verso: attestation that the get was delivered, same witnesses. (Information in part from Goitein's note card.)