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Court proceedings in the case of al-Wuhsha (or al-Wahsha) against Yosef al-Lebdī. Wuhsha's representative, Moshe b. Yeshuaʿ, sues al-Lebdī for her share of 300 dīnārs ("more or less") realized from the investment of Wuhsha's deceased brother, Abū Naṣr, in al-Lebdī's merchandise, sold or unsold. The total value of the investment was 800 dīnārs. al-Lebdī argued that the 300 dīnārs had nothing to do with that partnership, but he was prepared to include them if al-Wuḥsha would do the same, reciprocally, with the 22 bales of lac that her representative claimed were part of a separate deal. The document was written by Ḥalfon b. Menashshe and signed by ʿEli ha-Levi b. Netanʾel (brother of Ḥalfon b. Netanʾel) and Yiṣḥaq b. Shemuʾel, one of the two Fustat judges. Dated: 30 June 1104. Refers to a previous court session; see IB I, 25 (PGPID 5347) and I, 27–28 (PGPID 5349).

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S. D. Goitein, unpublished editions.


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  1. למוכלתי ומה דהוה קדמנא כתבנא וחתמנא
  2. דליהוי לזכו ולראיה תלי ביני שיטי כלטה
  3. מע אלתמניה מאיה אלמדכורה וקיימין כולהון
  4. ודין קיומיהון יצחק ביר שמואל זכ לב

ב א פ ח

  1. עלי הלוי ביר נתנאל סט חלפון הלוי ביר מנשה נע

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