Legal document: Moss. VII,10.1

Legal document Moss. VII,10.1



A general prenuptial agreement in the hand of Natan ha-Kohen b. Shelomo. Goitein suggests that this document was written before 1134, the year that Ṣedaqa al-Ramli, the grandfather of the bride, passed away (Med. Soc. 3:154). The agreement was held between the groom and the father of the bride and there is no mention that she appointed her father as her representative or any expression of her consent. In addition, the time of marriage is not set and it is possible that this matter has been decided earlier or was subject to later negotiations. In addition, the deed is without dates or signatures, which are usually found in deeds of betrothal or engagement. Perhaps this is a general agreement appended to another agreement or it might be a draft. (Translated to English in Goitein, 3:154. Med. Soc.). Alternate description: betrothal deed between R. Efrayim ha-Talmid b. Meshullam and Yeshuʿa b. Ṣedaqa ha-Levi al-Ramlī for his daughter Sitt al-Fakhr. The advanced gift is 15 dinars, the delayed gift 50 dinars (though 60 is written above the line). (Information from CUDL)

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Amir Ashur, "Engagement and Betrothal Documents from the Cairo Geniza‎" (in Hebrew) (PhD diss., n.p., 2006).
  1. במזל טוִב והצלחה
  2. אסתקר בין ̇ר אפרים התלמיד בן ̇כג̇ק
  3. מר̇נ ורב̇נ משולם החכם והנבון ̇זלֹ ובין
  4. ̇ר ישועה הלוי ב̇ר צדקה אלרמלי עלי ולדה
  5. אלכבירה סת אלפִכִרִ אן יכון אלמקדם ̇ט̇ו דינ
  6. מקדם <מתנה> ו̇ה הדיה [אלכ]ואתים וליס עליה שרט
  7. גיר אלנאמנות במאכל ומשקה ואלמוכִ[ר]
  8. כמסי^lt;סתי>ן דינאר כמנהג המדינה ואלסכן
  9. מע ואלדיהא טול מִאִ אִכתאר אלמקאם ענד[הם]
  10. ואן כרג מן ענד[הם כאן] עליה סכן ולא גירה
  11. וקיבל עלי נפסה אלטבילה ולא תכִר̇ג
  12. אלא באמרה


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