Legal document: JTS Marshall Case MS 8229

Legal document JTS Marshall Case MS 8229


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Prenuptial agreement of a previously divorced couple (a husband who re-accepts his divorcée). Eight lines survive on this fragment, probably in the hand of Natan b. Shemuel ha-Ḥaver (documents by him in the years 1128-1153). In the top of the fragment there is a dowry list followed by a list of conditions in Hebrew for future marriage. The husband reaccepts his previous wife, Baqiya. It is possible that this agreement was written to pacify the woman so that she will return to her husband. The conditions regarding his behavior suggest that his violent behavior towards her, or her mother, was the cause of their initial divorce. Lines 1-4 contain the dowry list, and are not transcribed.


Amir Ashur, "Engagement and Betrothal Documents from the Cairo Geniza‎" (in Hebrew) (PhD diss., n.p., 2006).
  1. ישועה בר שבת ̇נ̇ע בקיّה גרושתו בת אברהם ̇נ̇ע
  2. אלגמלה <<ל>>


  1. וקביל עלוהי שתהא אימה עמה בדירה אחת ואִוכִ[ל]ת על שולחִ[נו]
  2. וניזונת מנכסיִוִ ואין לו רשות לבזותה [ו]לִא להכותה
  3. ולא להקל בכבודה ולא להגביה ידו עליה