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List or table T-S 16.209



List of donors to charity on the back of piece of vellum (fragment of an ancient marriage contract), headed by Avraham 'The Cherished,' al-sagul. This is an abbreviation, used also on letter CUL Or.1080 J265, ll. 6, 16. of the unique title 'The most cherished and esteemed of the People of Fustat,' borne by the notable Avraham b. Mevasser (dated docs. 1028-1-45), see Mann, Jews, II. pp. 98-100). Avraham al-Taharti could stand for any of 4 cousins (usually called Barhun) from Qayrawan, all of whom frequented Egypt. Avraham Tahtahi is probably from Ifrīqiya, since tahtaha = 'open space,' probably a place name, is Ifrīqiyan. (Information from Mediterranean Society, II, p. 475, App. C 9)

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Mark Cohen, unpublished editions‎ (in Judaeo-Arabic).
  1. אברהם אלסגול א
  2. אברהם בן אלתאהרת[י] א
  3. בן ....
  4. סעאדה [
  5. דאוד בן עמראן א
  6. אבו אלחסין בשר א
  7. יעקב ועמראן א
  8. אברהם טחטאחי א
  9. ששון [
  10. אברהם
  11. יוסף אלפרנס [


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