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Letter T-S NS 320.16


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Fragment of a letter from Avraham the son of the Gaon probably to Efrayim b. Shemarya, in Fustat. (Identifications by Gil; Goitein understands this to be part of the same document as T-S NS 320.42 and says that both are written in the "unmistakable hand" of the Gaon Shelomo b. Yehuda.) Dating: before 1035 CE (per Gil). The first few lines preserved here are written in Arabic script, and the end of the letter is in Hebrew. NB: When Goitein refers to "T-S NS 320.16," he generally means the manuscript that currently has the shelfmark T-S NS 320.42.

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Moshe Gil, Palestine During the First Muslim Period (634–1099)‎ (in Hebrew) (Tel Aviv: Tel Aviv University, 1983), vol. 2.


  1. ] و[يغ]فر(؟) ما لعله يكون صنع من الله
  2. ] اليه وجلال شاكر ذاكر باث بشكره
  3. ] يجتهد في صلاح شانه فالله يحرسه وﻻ يخلي منه
  4. ] ت شرح ل לשון קדש כל המתחד[ש]
  5. ] ומערב רחום ירחם ושלומו ושלום
  6. ואדו]ננו משיאו שלום ומשיא גם לחת[נ]ו
  7. ]מחודש לחודש כי אם בכל חודש יקח
  8. ישע רב


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