List or table: T-S NS 306.1b

List or table T-S NS 306.1b



List of the houses owned by the Qodesh. Dating: ca. 1160 CE. The beadle Maḥfūẓ presents a list of houses belonging to the qodesh which he is responsible for collecting the rent of. The list is written in Arabic characters and contains 26 items. Four of the compounds have the added notation that the sums owed by their tenants have been paid. The houses are said to be aḥbās, i.e. waqf dedications, of the Jews for their masākīn (poor). The list may have been compiled for the purpose of showing the sum due for ground rent (ḥikr). (Information from Gil, Documents, pp. 295 #65. (SH [1-29-87]).)

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Moshe Gil, Documents of the Jewish Pious Foundations from the Cairo Geniza (Leiden: Brill, 1976).


  1. ثبت
  2. الادر الجارية في احباس اليهود لمساكينهم
  3. من جملتها ما اورده المتولى لجبايتها
  4. وهو ما بين
  5. دار //تعرف// بالريس ابو المنصور قام بما عليه ثلثين درهم
  6. المسطاح المعروف بسكن خير(؟) قام بما عليه احدى عشر درهم
  7. نصف دار شركه بن سالم                               قام بما عليه
  8. دار تعرف بدار الزيت                                    قام بما عليه
  9. دار سكن اﻻعما بزقاق الكنيس                        قام بما عليه
  10. دويرة سكن حيون الحفار                              قام بما عليه
  11. دار بين الكنيستين                                       قام بما عليه
  12. دار بزقاق خبيصه سكن بن القابلة                  قام بما عليه
  13. نصف دار شركه بن عجيله                            قام بما عليه
  14. بيت ملاصق الكنيسة سكن ابن ابو الحسن      قام بما عليه
  15. الثلث من دار لفاحه بدرب الحديد                قام بما عليه
  16. نصف دار بن فنحاس قبالتها                         قام بما عليه
  17. نصف دار تعرف بالقابسي بزقاق الترمس        قام بما عليه
  18. نصف دار الناقه بدرب الحراني                     قام بما عليه
  19. نصف دار الخل بالدرب المذكور                   قام بما عليه
  20. دار تعرف بالصباغ بالدرب المذكور                قام بما عليه
  21. المسلخ بزقاق المساكين                             قام بما عليه
  22. ربع دار بالزقاق المذكور                              قام بما عليه
  23. نصف دار شركه بدر الدقاق                         قام بما عليه


Moshe Gil, Documents of the Jewish Pious Foundations from the Cairo Geniza (Leiden: Brill, 1976).


  1.  Record 

  2.  of the compounds that are at present foundations of the Jews for their poor 

  3. (3-4) as cited in their entirety and specified by the administrator (in charge of) collection: 

  5.  the compound known as (of) al-Rayyis Abūʾl-Manṣūr, paid its debt, 30 dir. 

  6.  The misṭāḥ known as (of) (A)būʾl-Jabbān, paid its debt, 11 dir. 

  7.  Half of Dār Shirkat b. Sālim, paid its debt. 

  8.  The compound known as Dār al- Zayt paid its debt. 

  9.  The compound (known as the) apartment (of) al-Aʿmā in the lane of the Synagogue paid its debt. 

  10.  The duwayra, the apartment of Ḥayyūn al-Ḥaffār, paid its debt. 

  11.  The compound between the two synagogues, paid its debt. 

  12.  The compound in the Khabīṣa lane, the apartment of b. al-Qābila, paid its debt. 

  13.  Half of Dār Shirkat b. ʿUjayla, paid its debt. 

  14.  The room adjacent to the synagogue, the apartment of Ibn Abūʾl-Ḥann, paid its debt. 

  15.  A third of Dār Luffāhā in darb al-Ḥudayjī (?), paid its debt. 

  16.  Half of Dār b. Pinḥās , opposite it, paid its debt. 

  17.  Half of the compound known as (of) al-Qābisī in the al-Turmus lane, paid its debt.

  18.  Half of Dār al-Nāqa in darb al-Ḥarrānī, paid its debt. 

  19.  Half of Dār al-Khall in the said darb, paid its debt. 

  20.  A compound known as (of) al-Ṣabbāgh in the said darb, paid its debt. 

  21.  The slaughter house in the Lane of the Poor, paid its debt. 

  22.  A quarter of the compound in the said lane, paid its debt. 

  23.  Half of Dār Shirkat Badr al-Daqqāq, paid its debt. 


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  1. الربع من دار السكرى بزقاق الدخان               قام بما عليه
  2. دويره في زقاق الدخان                                قام بما عليه
  3. دار مدللة سكن صفي الدوله                        قام بما عليه
  4. الفندق بين الكنيستين                                 قام بما عليه
  5. نصف دويره بالقالوس                                 قام بما عليه
  6. فندق بسوق الكبير سكن ابو محمد                قام بما عليه
  7. دار المقادسه بالمصوصه                             قام بما عليه
  8. وليس لليهود الربانين في جبايه محفوظ
  9. اﻻ هده الدار المعينه باعلاه


  1.  A quarter of Dār al-Sukkarī in the al-Dukhkhān lane. paid its debt. 

  2.  The duwayra in the al-Dukhkhān lane, paid its debt. 

  3.  Dar Mudallala, the apartment of Ṣafiʾl-Dawla, paid its debt. 

  4.  The funduq between the two synagogues, paid its debt.

  5.  Half of the duwayra in al-Qālūs, 1 paid its debt. 

  6.  The funduq in Sūq al-Kabīr, the apartment of Abū Muḥammad, paid its debt.

  7.  Dār al-Maqādisa in al-Mamṣūṣā, paid its debt. 

  8. (8-9) There are no other houses of the Rabbanite Jews in the collection of Maḥfūẓ except these that are mentioned above.



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