Legal document: BL OR 5566B.29

Legal document BL OR 5566B.29



Lease of an apartment to a parnas as settlement of a debt, AD 1029-1031. The qodesh owes Yaʿaqov b. Mevasser (whom we shall find six years later in charge of the properties of the qodesh) 10 dinars, apparently the balance of money borrowes from him to carry out repairs in the arba, the estates, belonging to the qodesh. The parnasim do not find any way to pay him this sum, and therefore it is decided to lease him the compound of the qodesh in the b. Khabisa lane for two years, for 5 dinars a year. The four parnasim receive permission to do this from Isaac ha-Kohen b. Haggay, who was apparently a member of the court, the whole community being witness to the act of lease. The compound seems to be Dar Sumana. Some special stipulation was added regarding the hikr, probably stating which of the two parties had to pay it. The verso, which was probably written two years later, includes a declaration, which apparently definitively absolves the qodesh from payment of the last five dinars still due to Yaʿaqov b. Mevasser. The recipient of the declaration, Isaac ha-Kohen b. Haggay, transfers the deed to Husayn b. Hillel (probably identical with Husayn al-Dhahabi). Samuel ha-Kohen b. Avtalyon, one of the leaders of the Palestinian congregation, is the signatory at the bottom of the deed. Written by Yefet b. David b. Shekhanya. (Information from Gil, Documents, pp. 144 #4)


Moshe Gil, Documents of the Jewish Pious Foundations from the Cairo Geniza (Leiden: Brill, 1976).


  1. [ ]מפני ה[
  2. תקדם[ ]כדמה ללהקדש תכתור מצאלחה וגב[
  3. דכרהא ליעקב בר מבשר הדא בעד אן אעתרף [
  4. שי מן ארבאעהא גיר הדה אלעשרה אלדנאניר [
  5. מע אלפראנסה אבקאהם אללה תע ותב אן יחצ[
  6. פלם יתגה להם וגה לדלך גיר איגארה מו[
  7. אלזוקאק אלמערוף בזקאק בן כביצה והוא מצבו[
  8. כמסה דנאניר פי כל סנה פענד הדא אלתאמל [
  9. לארבעת הפרנאסים שצ והם מ יוסף הדי[ין
  10. בר אברהם ומ הלל בר סהל באן יאגרו הדא[
  11. ארבעה ועשרין שהרא אולהא מסתהל שב[ט
  12. אלמחרם מן סנה ארבע מאיה ואתנין ועשרי[ן
  13. הכהן בר חגי ננ הדה אלסנתין אלמדכורתין [
  14. ליעקב בר מבשר אלמקדם דכרה והיא ופא אלדי[ן
  15. דוכר ווצף ושהדו אלגמאעה אלי אלמואגר[ה
  16. אנה קד אברא[ה] אל[
  17. ואלחכר[


Moshe Gil, Documents of the Jewish Pious Foundations from the Cairo Geniza (Leiden: Brill, 1976).


  1. (1-2) . . . . previously… service to the heqdēsh, will bring many advantages… 

  3. (3-4) mentioned, to the said Jacob b. Mevassēr after having recognized . . . . (that) nothing is owed to him from its estates except these 10 dinars . . . 

  5. with the parnāsim, may God, may He be praised, preserve them, that .... 

  6. But they did not find any way to do it except by leasing .... (the compound. . .which is in) 

  7. the lane known as the lane of b. Khabīṣa, that is… 

  8. 5 dinars a year. So out of these considerations . . . .

  9.  to the four parnāsim, may God preserve them, namely our Master Joseph ha-Dayyān . . . . (10) b. R. Abraham and our Master Hillēl b. Sahl that they rent this… 

  10. 24 months, beginning on the first of Shevat… (420 and ending

  11. on the last of . . . corresponding to) 

  12. al-Muḥarram of the year 422 … (Isaac) 

  13. ha-Kohen b. Ḥaggay, of blessed memory, during these above-mentioned two years 

  14. to the said Jacob b. Mevassēr, this being the acquittal of the debt .

  15. (this) was mentioned and described and the community were witnesses of the lease . . .

  16. He released it from the (debt of) . . . 

  17. and the ḥikr ....

b (verso)

  1. ] وجوه واﻻ سباب كلها [ ] الخمس [ ] جمعها
  2. ]ه قليلها وﻻ كثيرها حق وﻻ طلب وكتب خطه مستهل ربيع اﻻ خر

سنه اثنين و عشرين و اربعمائه

  1. ]ק נר בר חגי נע //וקאל// אנא קד נקלת הדה
  2. ] וגעלתהא לר חוסין בר הלל הי לה דוני
  3. ] שמואל הכהן ראש הקהל ברבי אבטליון
  4. י]צחק


  1. . . . under any conditions or circumstances . . . the five (dinars) that he collected 

  2. . . . (and he does not claim anything of it), big nor small, no debt nor claim and he signed, on the first of Rabīʿ al-ākhir of the year 422

  3. . . . (Isaac ha-Kohen) b. R. Ḥaggay, of blessed memory. And he said:

  4. I transfered it and delivered to R. Ḥusayn, b. R. Hillēl. It is now his and not mine

  5. …Samuel ha-Kohen the head of the community, b. R. Avṭalyōn 

  6. …Isaac…