Credit instrument or private receipt: T-S AS 146.19

Credit instrument or private receipt T-S AS 146.19



Order of payment for an unnamed individual referred to by the title “al-Dayyān” and containing the expression “May my Master the judge, may God grant him long life, kindly pass on to the bearer seven dinars less one seventh,” (‘yataffadal mawlaya al-dayyan ahyahu llah yusallim li-muwassiliha sab‘at dananir illa sub). (Avihai Shivtiel, “Orders of Payment,” in From a Sacred Source: Genizah Studies in Honour of Professor Stefan C. Reif,” ed. Ben Outhwaite and Siam Bhayro, Brill, 2010, 337–38.) EMS. See T-S AS 179.212 (PGPID 36725) and the related orders listed there.

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S. D. Goitein, unpublished editions.
  1. יתפצל מולאי אלדיאן
  2. אחיאה אללה יסלם למוצלהא
  3. סבעה דנאניר אלא סבע
  4. קראריט


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