Legal document: CUL Or.1080 4.15

Legal document CUL Or.1080 4.15



Testimony of woman, Sittuna bt. Hayyim, about her husband, Faraḥ b. Bānūqa, who left her "a widow in his lifetime" (ʿaguna). She is indigent because he had sold part of her dowry and pawned the rest. This was many years ago.

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[unknown source]‎ (in Judaeo-Arabic).
  1. זכרון עדות שהיתה בפנינו אנחנו העדים החותמים [
  2. כי באה לפנינו סחונה בת ר חיים …. הידוע בן [
  3. ואמרה דעו רבותי כי מכמה שנים יצא בעלי ר פרח הנודע
  4. הניכר בן באנוקה והניחני ערום וערי'ה בלי מזונות ונשארתי (.)…ה עגומה באלמנות
  5. חיות ואין לאל ידי לאחר שמכר מקצת הנדוניא שלי והרהין השאר וכבר עברו שנים
  6. ] היו עלי עדים וקנו ממני מעכשיו וכתבו וחתמו


Oded Zinger, "Women, Gender and Law: Marital Disputes According to Documents of the Cairo Geniza" (PhD diss., n.p., 2014).


  1. The] testimony which to[ok pla]ce before us, we, the undersigned witnesses to this deed [of appointment]: 

  2. Sittūna bt. Ḥayyīm b. Solomon, known as al-Raḥbī, m)ay he rest in) p(eace), came before us 

  3. and said: “Know, my lords, that several years ago my husband, R. Faraḥ, known as Surūr b. Joseph, m)ay he rest in) p(eace), 

  4. known as Ben Bānūqa, walked out and abandoned me naked, bare and without maintenance. I was left a forlorn aguna, a widow 

  5. of the living. I have nothing in my hands after he sold some of my dowry and pawned the rest. Years have already passed [...] 

  6. Now my lords, be my witnesses and make the symbolic purchase from me, as of now, and write and sign

(Fragment 2r:)

using every ex[pression of right. Give to Farjūn the parnas, the flax merchant b. ...] so it will be in his hand a proof and evidence [... I have made] before you a complete declaration that I have given him as a complete gift [...] 

four cubits of land in my courtyard and through them I have appo[inted him my representative.....] to sue my husband [ R. Faraḥ ] known as Surūr[ b. Joseph


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