State document: T-S Ar.40.73

State document T-S Ar.40.73



State document, in Arabic script. Drafts of two petitions, oriented at 180˚ to each other. The one at the top begins with a taqbīl and gives a string of titles (al-majlis al-sāmī al-ajallī al-ʿulwī al-dīwānī al-asʿdī al-humāmī), then praises for how the addressee helps those in need (kahf al-ṭālibīn wa-malja' al-muḥtājīn ʿindahā), then briefly brings up some matter relating to seafaring merchants (yaṣil min ʾaʿrāḍ al-tujjār al-sāfirīn). Concludes with a rāʾy clause"fa-lahā waffaqahā allāh al-ra'y al-[...] fī dhālik." The petitioner also leaves his name Abū Manṣūr towards the end. The one at the bottom is in the same hand and is a letter draft complaining that the addressee's letters have been cut off (inqaṭaʿat kutub sayyidī. . .) which has increased his pain and suffering and requests that he please bestow the favor of continuing to include the writer in his business (fa-uḥibb an tamunna wa-tunʿima. . . bi-mā yashtaghilu bihi. . . wa-huwa waliyy bi-mā ya'mur bihi in shā' allāh). Needs further examination. ASE, YU.