Literary text: T-S Ar. 40.18

Literary text T-S Ar. 40.18



Literary text, in Arabic script. Page plus ending bifolio from a book with quire or page marks in upper left corners from the philosophical treatise of Ibn al-Faraj ʿAbd Allah b. al-Ṭayyib al-ʿIrāqī (d. 1043), the philosopher and prolific writer, better known for his commentaries on the bible, known in medieval Latin as Abulpharagius Abdalla Benattibus. The bifolios are from his work entitled "Kitāb al-Samā" which is revealed by the colophon towards the end of folio 2. "Min Kitāb al-Samā tafsīr al-Shaykh al-Faylasūf al-Fāḍil Ibn al-Faraj ʿAbd Allah b. al-Ṭayyib". Contains a Fāṭimid-style ḥasbala and ṣalwala towards the end.