Unknown type: HUC 1028

Unknown type HUC 1028

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In PGP since 2024


List of names followed by a notation regarding whether they plan to pay up or not. Sibāʿ b. Yehuda said he won't pay; Abū ʿImrān b. Ghulayb said yes; Bū Ishāq(?) Hārūn said he won't pay; Abū l-Faraj Ibn al-ʿAmmānī al-ʿAṭṭār said [...] and paid(?); Ibn Ṣadaqa al-Ramlī said [...]; the paternal uncle of al-Dihqān said (he'll pay by) Purim; Dāʾud won't pay anything; the in-law of Ibn Jāziliyya won't pay anything; Ibn al-Murjānī said he won't pay anything.