List or table: HUC 1005

List or table HUC 1005



Secondary use: Memorial lists in Hebrew. The most noteworthy section is the middle one with a portion of the Yiju family tree together with a piece of lore written in rhymed prose about Avraham Ibn Yiju's scholarship and contribution to the Jews of Yemen: "Peraḥya and his two sons, Avraham, who wrote in his lodgings in the land of Yemen for the nation that is not widowed (Jer. 51:5) the Torah scroll of the faithful God and gave it to them in love, brotherhood, peace, and fellowship, because he found an error in their scroll, and he guided them in the straight path..., and Yosef ha-Melammed and his three sons, Shemuel ha-Melammed, [Moshe], and Peraḥya ha-Dayyan and his daughter." ASE