Letter: T-S K8.13

Letter T-S K8.13



Monumental letter of condolence in the hand of Mevorakh b. Natan. Addressed to a dignitary (השר המתאונן) and his mother (ולגברת מהללים הגבירה היקרה יולדתו המאושרת בכל מפעלים). Opens with a Hebrew dirge. The first line of the Judaeo-Arabic body is preserved (expressing condolence). In the margin refers to sending something with "the son of the Nezer" (ולד אלנזר), which is somewhat puzzling, because this phrase refers to Mevorakh b. Natan himself in other documents. Also refers to "my son al-Rayyis Abū l-Bahāʾ." In the next line mentions "the great pain of my knee which I fell on," likely as a justification for not appearing in person. Cf. T-S 8J19.8 + CUL Add.3342 (PGPID 3961) for another letter in the hand of Mevorakh b. Natan with a similar appearance.