Legal document: T-S Ar.29.145

Legal document T-S Ar.29.145


There are several unrelated fragments sharing this shelfmark, of which the only documentary one is fol. 5. Fol. 5r: Legal document written and signed by Mevorakh b. Natan (active 1150–81). Dated: Monday, 14 Tammuz 1481 Seleucid = 29 June 1170 CE. Refers to a house; "the Rabbanite Jerusalemites"; various sums of money in the hundreds of dirhams; and perhaps conditions regarding construction (עמארה) on the house. The parties include al-Rayyis Abū Zikrī and Karīm. The document is also signed by Aharon b. Yaʿaqov ha-Levi; Elʿazer ha-Kohen b. [...]. Fol. 5v: Legal document written by Mevorakh b. Natan. Dated: Tammuz 1481 Seleucid = June/July 1170 CE. Directly related to the document on recto. Contains many convoluted details regarding rent of the aforementioned house; Wahb the blind cantor (אלחזן אלצריר); and perhaps a dispute between Maḥfūẓ the beadle of the synagogue and al-Rayyis Abū Zikrī regarding who collected what sum for what month. The document states that Mevorakh b. Natan he-Ḥaver and the parnas Abū l-Faḍl testified that al-Rayyis Abū Zikrī received 140 dirhams from Karīm al-Ṭabbākh out of the rent of Dār Mahra, of which 2/3 belongs to the qodesh (אלתי אלתלתי מנהא ללמקאדסה). Also mentions testimony of Abū Sahl b. al-Ahuv (a.k.a. Abū Sahl Levi b. Levi), and something to do with the house of Sitt Kitmān located in Sūq Barbar, and later to someone who "ceased holding the headship in Sivan of [...]" (פי הדה אלריאסה אלתי אנצרף מנהא פי סיון). This might suggest that al-Rayyis Abū Zikrī is none other than Sar Shalom ha-Levi, though the timeline doesn't quite fit, as he rose to the position of Head of the Jews in 1170 and is believed to have lost it to Maimonides only in 1171. The document is signed by Yaʿaqov b. Yosef ha-Kohen, Shemuel b. Saʿadya ha-Levi, and Aharon b. Yaʿ[aqov ha-Levi] ha-Melammed.