Letter: T-S 16.103 + T-S Misc.22.245

Letter T-S 16.103 + T-S Misc.22.245


Verso (original use): Three distinct document in Arabic script, which have been cut and glued together for the sake of reuse on recto. (1) T-S Misc.22.245 is a letter requesting a favor concerning Abū l-Fakhr b. Wahb. (2) Upper piece of T-S 16.103: Possibly a letter in Arabic script, or introduction to a literary work. Beginning لاني كريم بحسن المدح والشعر وفي كل . . . (3) Lower piece of T-S 16.103: Unidentified document, maybe state related, and maybe mentioning amīr al-muʾminīn in l. 2. Needs further examination Recto (secondary use): Numbered poems for various individuals, including Yehuda, Avram, Avraham, Shelomo, Mevasser and Shemarya ha-Kohen. (Information in part from CUDL.)

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