Letter: T-S AS 158.220

Letter T-S AS 158.220


Bifolio containing on two pages a draft or copy of a Judaeo-Arabic letter partially about legal matters, and on the other two pages an unidentified text (or texts) in Hebrew. The handwriting is very similar to that of Maimonides but is probably not his, as a few of the letters are different, and other features suggest that it dates to the 13th century (e.g. the formulae בית דין יכון במשפט צדק and נפד אלקניין מנה); additionally, it refers to "the Nagid" which was not a title in use in Egypt during his years of activity. The writer does appear to be a communal leader, as he issues instructions concerning legal cases. Might be one of the descendants of Maimonides. The letter refers to al-Shaykh al-Talmid R. Avraham b. ʿImrān who made a legal acknowledgment concerning 240 nuqra dirhams for the orphans of al-Sadīd, and this has something to do with the arrival of a release from the Nagid. Also mentions Futūḥ who will help with these transfers. Goes on to discuss the divorcee of Ibn גראנה, whose ex-husband is apparently very recalcitrant and needs to be threatened with fines and excommunication. Also mentions different sums of money including 29 dirhams, and possibly cuts of cloth. The first Hebrew page is almost too faded to read; mentions "our love" and "the secret of knowledge" and "the Torah is one, do not add or subtract." The second Hebrew page is less faded but still difficult to make sense of. Refers to hatred, a lack of intellect, locusts in Rama, "the name of the city is," and then "on its right side is the candelabra (menora) of the Gemara, on its left side is the table of the Sevara, and on the outskirts of the city are the Sifre and Sifra." ASE