Paraliterary text: T-S NS 98.14

Paraliterary text T-S NS 98.14


Recto: dates of important events in Jewish history, and pen trials in Hebrew and Arabic, including Psalms 104:3 and the name of the cantor Yakhin b. Avraham, who appears to have written the main text. Might be the same person as in T-S AS 204.163 (PGPID 22709). Verso: Calendar for year 19 of the cycle 256, 4864 of the Era of Creation (= 1103-1104 CE). The calendar provides data on the length of variable months and intercalation, and calculates moladot for all months and the time of the tequfot. Information on the days of the week of festivals and fasts is added between the lines and in the empty space on the left side of the page in smaller characters and in a different ink. A colophon is written vertically in the margins: כמל מחזור רנו בחמד אללה תעאלי (‘Here ends the 19-year cycle 256, praise be to God the Exalted’). (Information from CUDL.)

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