State document: T-S AS 151.48

State document T-S AS 151.48


Petition/letter of appeal for assistance likely addressed to 'the overseer' (al-mushārif, l. 1). The sender refers to this document as "this khidma." The sender is in difficult straits, cannot work, and is afraid of showing his face. Ends with a raʾy clause. On verso there are a few words in Arabic, maybe related, ending with an "in shāʾ allāh."Some of the legible phrases: المشارف بان . . . السنة الماضية وما احرجني الى هذه الخدمة الا . . . . والمملوك منعاق عن التصرف خائف ما يقدر يظهر وللمولى علو الراي في ذلك . . . Reused for Hebrew piyyuṭ. (Information in part from CUDL.)

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