List or table: T-S H5.119 + T-S AS 122.8 + T-S NS 289.132

List or table T-S H5.119 + T-S AS 122.8 + T-S NS 289.132

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Accounts in Arabic script, maybe official. E.g., "Owed by Ibn al-Kaʿkī...." Various dates are mentioned, including 537 AH = 1142/43 CE. Also refers to the rent paid by a deceased man. On recto there is a Hebrew/Aramaic seliḥa in the hand of a prolific scribe (see e.g. T-S Misc.22.69 (PGPID 23329) and Joins Suggestions). Fols. 1 and 3 join of T-S H5.119 join; fol. 2 is a small unrelated fragment with unidentified Arabic script (with a bit of Hebrew). (Information in part from CUDL.) Joins: Alan Elbaum

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