Literary text: T-S 12.182 + T-S 12.184

Literary text T-S 12.182 + T-S 12.184


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Upper text: piyyuṭim by Yannai, qedushtaʾot for the reading of two sedarim in the Palestinian triennial cycle, Leviticus 15:1 and 15:25, part of a maḥzor of Yannai’s poetry. Lower text: Origen’s Hexapla on Psalms 22 (21 in the Greek tradition), written in majuscule and preserving columns 2 (Hebrew transliterated into Greek; only a few letters remain); 3 (Aquila); 4 (Symmachus); and 5 (Septuagint). Nothing of column 6 (Theodotion) survives. The under-text is among the earliest manuscripts in the Genizah and is probably to be dated to the 7th century CE. The upper-text is 10th century. (Information from CUDL)

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