Legal document: T-S AS 173.27

Legal document T-S AS 173.27


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In PGP since 2023


Legal records or drafts in Judaeo-Arabic. Possibly from a court ledger. There are at least two distinct records in at least two distinct hands. (I) The main entry on recto involves a power of attorney between ʿAmram b. Shemuel he-Ḥasid and Yefet b. Menashshe. (II) The other entry (verso continuing onto the bottom and margin of recto) involves a woman and her husband; 56 dinars; rent; an oath taken by Ghālib; a house in the alley of the synagogue; garments and items of jewelry; the dispute between Ghālib and his sister Bārra over the sale of a partial house and who is obligated to pay the ḥikr. (It's possible that these are two or three distinct records rather than one long one.) See also T-S 18J2.5 (PGPID 3528), involving the same Ghālib and Bārra.