Letter: ENA NS 49.18

Letter ENA NS 49.18

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Bottom part of a letter in Judaeo-Arabic. Dating: no earlier than 1425 CE based on the mention of the currency ashrafī. Describing at length a business dispute. Mentions: a certain ʿAfīf; a Qaraite banker (al-Ṣayrafī al-Qaraʾ); Shelomo; a settling of accounts that came up short by one ashrafī; the Nagid; David Sofer; a mat (naṭʿ); Moshe Maʿānī; sending a sum of money to "al-makān al-sharīf" (Jerusalem? a pilgrimage site?) and a sum for the supervisor/custodian (nāẓir) of (the shrine of the prophet?) Shemuel (Shemuel ha-Ramati). The letter concludes with various greetings.

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