Letter: T-S NS 264.7

Letter T-S NS 264.7

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Verso, with the address at the top of recto: Family letter addressed to 'my child, Rivqa.' In Judaeo-Arabic. Dating: late 14th century. Likely sent from al-Maḥalla to Fustat, to al-Ḥakīm Abū [...] near the Palestinian synagogue. The sender has heard upsetting news involving a Christian and the physician (al-ḥakīm) Abū l-Ḥasan and the financial problems of the addressee. Reports that Shemuel and Mūsā are doing well. The sender has sent with his nephew (ibn akh) Wajīh 8 cubits of raw (khām) fabric and 4.5 cubits that are fulled (maqṣūra). Mentions various other people, including Abū Saʿīd. Ends "quickly quickly quickly" (surʿa suʿa surʿa).