Letter: T-S H15.80

Letter T-S H15.80

Input date

In PGP since 2023


Verso: Letter in Judaeo-Arabic. Quite faded. Might be a draft with instructions for a scribe, given that it ends with "the greeted" (al-mukhaṣṣaṣīn) rather than actually writing out greetings for all those people, who include Avraham, Shemuel, Menaḥem, Abū l-Riḍā, Abū l-Maḥāsin, and Abū ʿAlī. The contents of the letter are difficult to understand. The sender refers to how he was occupied copying out a copy of a parasha with vowels and cantillation marks (כנת מלתזם בכתאבה פרשה מן אלתורה . . . מנקטה מלחנה). Reused on recto for a piyyuṭ by Yiṣḥaq Kanzī (aka Yiṣḥaq b. Shemuel ha-Sefaradi), in a different hand.