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State document ENA NS 71.12


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Fatimid petition, fragment of the top left-hand margin, tarjama is preserved. Dates to the period of al-Ḥākim based on the reuse on verso which makes it one of the earliest known Fatimid petitions and also the earliest attestations of a taqbīl on Fatimid petitions. Mentions a big sum "jumla kabīra". Needs examination. YU.

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Yusuf Umrethwala and Alan Elbaum, unpublished editions (n.p., 2023).


  1. روائح(؟) بن جوشن (جريس؟) واصحابه

  2. العبقلين(؟) 

  3. بسم الله الرحمن الـ]ـرحيم

  4. مماليك الحضرة السامـ]ـية العلية ال . . . ية والسعيدة السيدية النقية المكرمة الاسدية(؟) ثبت الله سعدها

  5. ]ـها يقبلوا الارض بين يديها وينهوا الى جلالها

  6. ]ـبه وهي جملة كبيرة والنواب (والثواب؟) عن مجلسها بعملها(؟)


Yusuf Umrethwala, PGP Translations (n.p., 2023).
  1. Rawāʾiḥ b. Jawshan and his colleagues
  2. al-ʿAbqalayn(?)
  3. In the name of God, the merciful and [compassionate]
  4. The slaves of the lofty presence, …. the most glorious, pure, kind, and brave, may God perpetuate its prosperity
  5. ] kiss the ground in his presence and report to his might
  6. ] it is a big sum and the reward from his eminence for its work(?)

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