State document: Moss. IV,235.2 + T-S NS 205.47

State document Moss. IV,235.2 + T-S NS 205.47

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In PGP since 2023


Unidentified document in Arabic script, possibly official. Maghribī or Andalusī hand. Seven lines are partially preserved, including the prayers for Muḥammad often found in state documents, here with some unusual formulae: انه على ما يشا قدير وصلى الله على خيرة خلقه وسيد عباده . . . وعلى اله الخيار وصحبته الابرار وسلم تسليما. The next lines should be decipherable and may contain some of the substance of the document ("... wa-kharaja ... min abwāb ... masdūda mā furija nazʿ . . . "). Reused on the other side for piyyuṭ. Join: Athina Pfeiffer.