Paraliterary text: T-S AS 139.61

Paraliterary text T-S AS 139.61



Verso: The 16 geomantic figures captioned in Arabic (e.g., al-qabḍ al-dākhil, al-qabḍ al-khārij, jawdala, awrāʿ, al-rakīza al-dākhila, al-rakīza al-khārija, al-ijtimāʿ, al-ṭarīq, al-ʿuqla). Some captions are barely legible. The ones in the lower right corner may be al-ḥiyān and inkīs. There is additional text in the middle, which seems distinct from the figures and their captions ("... ṣawāmit fī waṭn(?) bi-hā(?) wa-hum نراسة(?)"). For overviews of Islamic geomancy and the various names of these figures, see Emilie Savage-Smith and Marion b. Smith, "Islamic Geomancy and a Thirteenth-Century Divinatory Device: Another Look," and Matthew Melvin-Koushki, "Persianate Geomancy from Ṭūsī to the Millennium: A Preliminary Survey." On recto there is Hebrew liturgical text.

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