Literary text: T-S Misc.6.156

Literary text T-S Misc.6.156


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Folio from a dream interpretation manual in Judaeo-Arabic. Interesting in part because it includes geographical and medical information -- it expounds the meaning of dreams about being bled in certain body parts, or going to the bath, or being in various lands. If a person dreams they are in the West (diyār al-gharb), they will go on a journey and return. If in the distant West (aṭrāf bilād al-gharb), they will be saved from a danger. If in Upper Egypt (al-ṣaʿīd): they will be swindled and/or upset by something. If in the lands of the Blacks (diyār al-ḥubūsh wa-l-zunūj wa-l-sūdān): they will fall into terrible difficulties but ultimately will be saved. If in Fustat (Miṣr) or the countryside (al-Rīf): they will thrive and prosper. If in an island of the sea: God will send that person a mighty sign. If in גפאר(?): they will become poor. If on the road: they will be fortunate. If in Palestine: they will do a worthy action in the eyes of God and people. If in Jerusalem or Hebron: God will elevate them and make them rule over many lands.