State document: T-S Ar.11.35

State document T-S Ar.11.35



Recto: Petition in Arabic script from "the son of one of the doctors" to two addressees. The petitioner mentions his desire to open a shop and practice his trade (fī hānūt li-yataṣarraf fī maʿīshatih); someone named Sulaymān b. Mūsā; a prior rescript (tawqīʿ) from the two addressees; and a request for a new rescript from them in support of his aim. There is a new section underneath, headed "response" (jawāb), repeating several of the same phrases. In the margin there are scattered additional notes, including "to Elʿazar" (in Hebrew characters), two upside down entries referring to al-tawqiʿ al-karīm. Needs further examination.

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