State document: T-S Ar.34.32

State document T-S Ar.34.32


Bottom of a petition in Arabic script. Dating: looks ca. Ayyubid-era. Mentions the leaders of the Jews and a man known as Barakāt b. [...] the perfumer (al-ʿaṭṭār) in the Sūq al-Kabīr, possibly a complaint that the Jewish leaders didn't assist him or the petitioners? ولم ياخذ لنا مقدمين اليهود بحق(؟) وان الرجل يعرف ببركات بن . . . . العطار وبسوق الكبير. Ends Ends وللحضرة الاجلية السيدية [[الر]] رايها الصائب في ذلك ان شا الله.There is a line in the margin that might include the word كوهان (kohen), which might be more likely to appear in a letter to a Jewish addressee. Needs further examination.