List or table: Moss. X,121.2

List or table Moss. X,121.2



Bifolio containing two lists of names with eastern Arabic numerals (contributors to charity?). Dating: 18th or 19th century. The righthand page is all women: Simḥa the sister of Mikhaʾel ben Naʿim; the daughter of Nissim Danon; Rayna the daughter of [...] Aghion; the daughters of Nissim Mosseri; Raḥma/Ruḥama the daughter of Yāqūtī(?) Yaʿbeṣ; Oro(?) the daughter of Eliyyahu Levi [...]; Esther the daughter of Manṣūr al-Fallāh; Astūta(?) the daughter of Yosef Abū ʿAsal; Kona(?) the daughter of David Levi ʿAjamī. The lefthand page is all men: David Mafriel(?); Nissim [...]; Eliyyahu [...]; Binyamin and Nissim who are connected somehow to Yehuda Dayyan; Yosef Zakkay; Merkado Aghion; the sons of Nissim Molkho; Avraham Levi Wazzān; Yehuda Levi Skandarī; Ḥayyim Levi [...].