State document: T-S AS 184.148

State document T-S AS 184.148


Very unusual account, written in large letters, likely fiscal. Perhaps wages for soldiers/mercenaries? Recto, upper section: -people's names such Masʿūd b. Manṣūr b. Sabʿ(?) and Maḥfūẓ b. Manṣūr b. Sabʿ(?) -place names such as Dayr Jallād, and al-Ṣalt (=al-Salṭ? there is a place by this name in present-day Jordan, and emphatic letters and non-emphatics often swap places in words like this; see the Judaeo-Arabic letter Bodl. MS heb. d 75/21, where صفت/צפת probably means سفط/ספט ("[fish] scale," in the phrase صفت السمك). Recto, lower section: -a header: "al-Maḥāriqa" (perhaps a tribe/family name; there are also places by this name in both present-day Yemen and Algeria) -people's names including Ḥasan(?) b. Suhayl "and those with him," including ʿAbd al-Raḥmān b. Suhayl b. (or min?) al-Maḥāriqa. -the term "khāṣṣa" or "khāṣṣatih" (his retinue?) also appears frequently. Verso, upper section: -a header: "min al-Suwayqiẓa (? السويقظة) -people and place names such as ʿAlī b. ʿImrān Ibn al-Maḥāriqa; "Maysūr(?) bi-l-Suwaydāʾ" (there is a place by this name in present-day southern Syria); Muḥammad b. Maʿālī min بيت رعيا; Maghḍūr(!) b. Naṣṣār b. Naṣr al-Maḥāriqī(?). Verso, lower section: -a header: min ʿaml al-Karak (there is a place by this name in present-day Jordan). -"min ʿAyāta" (there is a place by this name outside of Dayr Yūsuf near Irbid in present-day Jordan) and a payment of 320 dinars. -"min Dāmūs" (there are places by this name in present-day Spain (Ademuz) and Algeria, but it's also a common noun meaning 'vault'; could also be Kāmūs here).