State document: T-S AS 177.273

State document T-S AS 177.273


Fiscal document with at least three distinct sections. 1) The main text block concerns ships, requisitioning, ḍummān, and the officials charged with transporting crops from al-Nastarāwiyya to Tinnīs. Similar themes to T-S Ar.40.37 (PGPID 8264). Headed "accounts" (aḥsiba). 2) At lower left: "ʿamālat al-miʿṣarat al-qaṣab..."—the official allowance for the sugarcane press for (the amīr X) al-Mulk. The year may be given at the end of the third line here. 3) On recto, two different text blocks headed "ḥujja," then "bism X." The first is in the name of Sunbul(?) b. Muḥammad the ʿarīf of [...]. The second is in the name of al-Muwaffaq [...]. 4) A later scribe evidently folded the page in half and used the left side of recto for private accounts, now in fainter ink and ina non-fiscal hand.