Letter: T-S AS 177.239

Letter T-S AS 177.239



Letter possibly to a negligent landlord, written (satirically?) in the style of an ornate petition. Dating: Probably 12th or 13th century. After approximately 10 lines of flattery and blessings, the sender cuts to the chase: "... it has been many months, and I cannot, by God, hold it in any longer (wa-lam wallāhi aqbiḍhu ilā lʾān), and I inform your lofty excellence that we are living... without a toilet (bi-lā mirḥāḍ), which is essential... we cannot benefit from it and we . . . from cleaning it . . . for your excellence has not provided anyone to fix it. . . . that which your slave deems fit from your overflowing benefaction (min fāʾiḍ iḥsānihā) is that you send whomever you want to take care of this ASAP." There are still several key phrases that remain to be deciphered—needs further examination.