State document: T-S AS 177.206

State document T-S AS 177.206


Recto: Fragment of a petition or report in Arabic script. The sender says that he sent a prior 'khidma,' then praises the addressee and/or the caliph, then gives a date, then continues with formulaic blessings. The substance of the request or report does not seem to be preserved. Verso: Fragment of another state document in Arabic script. About an official, not immediately clear if this is praise for him or a complaint against him: الامير يتولى في كل يوم . . . ذلك ويوقع بهم الترسيم(؟) . . . تصل اليه طاقته وهم . . . بتشعيث(؟) مقدمهم(؟) سعد ال . . .