State document: T-S AS 178.222

State document T-S AS 178.222


Fragment of a letter from Khuṭlukh al-Afḍalī to his 'brother.' On recto only the beginnings of ~5 lines including the basmala are preserved; the address is preserved on verso. Both recto and verso were subsequently covered with different jottings in Arabic script. This may be the same amīr Sayf al-Dawla Abū Manṣūr Khuṭlukh whose dedicatory plaque for a mosque in the year 491 AH (1097/98 CE) was published by Grohmann, Arabische Paläographie, and more recently by Faraj Husayn Faraj al-Husayni, النقوش الكتابية الفاطمية على العمائر فى مصر (Bibliotheca Alexandrina, 2007), pp. 236–37.