State document: T-S AS 179.229

State document T-S AS 179.229


Possibly the last page of a copy of a decree (à la T-S Ar.40.37). Opens with a conditional clause (wa-lammā lam yuʾkhadh(?) al-amr...) and a statement that something must only be done after [...] from the dīwān (...illā baʿd [...] min al-dīwān al-saʿīd bi-l-[...] ḥarasa Allāh sultānahū...). There is then a reference to a noble rescript/decree (al-tawqīʿ al-karīm), an inshallāh, and a date (54[.] AH = 1145–54 CE). At the bottom: fa-wuqqiʿa.... On verso, there is a related text written in a hastier hand and occupying only four lines. Needs further examination.