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Verso: List of foods and/or recipes. The upper section mentions foods such as: cheese, flathead gray mullet (būrī), pickled turnip (lift mukhallal) calf meat (laḥm ʿijl), pigeon (ḥamām), radish (fujl), olive, qatāʾif (syrupy pancakes), hard candy (nāṭif), chard, sugarcane, taro, wheat porridge (harīsa), thick pudding (khabīṣa), sour vinegar stew (sikbāj), onion, green fava beans, sweetened porridge (muhallabiyya), meat with raisins (zabībiyya), sweet and soft dried date (ʿajwa), banana (mawz), kunāfa (crepe), thick and pithy round bread (jardaq). The next section is headed "the effective" (al-nāfiʿa) and may be a recipe involving different kinds of meat, pomegranate seed, sumac, sour grape, and barberry, bread, and lemon. The next section is headed "syrups" (al-ashriba) and lists raw quince and one or two other items. The last section is headed "robs" (rubūbāt) and lists rose, several other items, and rhubarb. (Translations of food names taken from Nawal Nasrallah, Treasure Trove Of Benefits (Leiden, 2018). Information in part from CUDL.)

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