List or table: T-S NS 325.127

List or table T-S NS 325.127


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In PGP since 2022


Accounts in Judaeo-Arabic. The hand looks like that of Abū Sahl Levi (d. 1211). The top section is headed by the names Makārim and Avraham. Items include myrtle (marsīn), פליה(?), zaʿtar, anise, garlic, "saliva" (ruḍāb), green vitriol (qalqand), tamarind, sugar, olibanum (lubān), olibanum "pebbles" (ḥaṣā lubān), אשתיואן, saffron, and בטאנה. The bottom section states that he has 4 notebooks (dafātir) with Maḥfūẓ and one with Yūsuf al-Qāʿa(?). He received two "books of stars" (kitābayn nujūm) from Bayān al-Murjānī. On recto it also says "Ibn Naḥrīr: 1 notebook." On recto there is also a poem of praise in Hebrew.