State document: T-S AS 182.251

State document T-S AS 182.251

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Petition from the wife of Ṭayyib b. Musallam al-ʿIblānī, a Khaybarī Jew, to the caliph al-Mustanṣir (r. 1036–94), seeking the restitution of money taken from her or from her husband, who is missing (?) in Syria. The same woman and her husband appear in T-S 24.44 (1102 CE). Previous scholarship: Khan, JRAS, 48 (“other petitions by women are extant, e.g. T-S K6.98, T-S Ar. 42.129, T-S NS 306.70, T-S AS 124.135, T-S AS 182.251, T-S AS 202.396”); Khan, “Historical Development,” 20, 24–25 (reading of raʾy clause); Khan, ALAD, 311n27, 314n39. Ed. Marina Rustow, with suggestions from Alan Elbaum and Luke Yarbrough.