Literary text: ENA 2396.1–8

Literary text ENA 2396.1–8


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A drash written by Shemuʾel Ben Sid on the occasion of the birth of his son (דרש שדרש החכם השלם מורי ורבי כמחה׳׳ר שמואל ן׳ סיד נר׳׳ו כש נולד לו בן). The fragment continues across eight folios and is dated on f.1r as Shabbat Pequde (usually Adar) of the year 5375 AM = 1615 CE. Based on the dating this may be the same Shemuʾel Ben Sid listed in a wide variety of other contemporary fragments such as: ENA 1822a.102 and ENA NS 39.14. (Fragment discovered by Prof. Eve Krakowski 08/18/22). MCD.