State document: T-S Misc.25.144

State document T-S Misc.25.144



Report from the period of al-Afḍal, probably. In Arabic script. Nine lines from the middle of the report are nearly completely preserved. Sent from a city referred to only al-thaghr al-maḥrūs, possibly Alexandria or Tripoli. The addressee is referred to once as al-majlis al-ʿālī al-muʿaẓẓam (khallada Allāh ayyāmah) and once as mālik al-riqq (khallada Allāh mulkah). Mentions a meeting between a certain Barakāt and Baldwin (probably Baldwin I), may God curse him. Also mentions a man from ʿAkkā (Acre) and refers to Ṣaydā (Sidon). Everyone is in a state of agitation and faintheartedness, because they do not know what Baldwin will do: will he make a truce with ʿAsqalān (Ashqelon/Ascalon)? with Ṣūr (Tyre)? Or will he conquer a certain location and treat his subjects fairly? Reused on verso for Hebrew piyyuṭ. Discovered by Alan Elbaum in July 2022.